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January 23 2009 3:33:51 AM   
Welcome to our site!
It is devoted to aesthetic medicine. Here you learn about modern methods omolozhenija - hardware cosmetology: mezoterapija, D'arsonval, miostimuljatsija, ionoforez, vibromassazh, etc. And also about innovations in sphere of plastic surgery
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Mask for the person.

Today, as well as it is a lot of decades back special popularity recipes of house medicine use. People have learned to exploit all the blessings of the nature. For example, a method of herbal medicine which is based on uses of plants. By means of a parsley, a cucumber of mint and even a lemon it is possible to clarify a leather, but the parsley as is capable to remove sunburn.
Our person demands three-stage procedure:
1. Clarification (masks, skraby);
2. tonizirovanie (losony and toning up means);
3. Humidifying a leather.

admin November 25 2008 6:24:01 AM Further... 0 Comments of 29 PerusalsFor a press
Piercing in house conditions can be dangerous
Piercing is very popular among people and not only youth, but many do not observe thus necessary requirements of hygiene and safety, and it leads to heavy consequences, representatives of National service of public health services of the Great Britain have informed.
admin June 17 2008 5:29:47 AM
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How to keep a beautiful breast
Men, certainly, pay attention to eyes of the woman, but all over again they award with the attention a female breast. According to more than 50 % of man's sights are directed to area of a decollete and only after that men pay attention to eyes of the woman, well and all rest.
admin June 17 2008 5:27:33 AM
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Legs - do not sweat
On stops of legs there is such quantity potovyh zhelez which you will not meet on any other part of a body. Work potovyh zhelez goes constantly, and not just when behind a window very much zharko.
admin June 17 2008 5:25:18 AM
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Complex of measures on struggle against a cellulitis
The complex of measures on struggle against a cellulitis should include set komponenitov, such as: use of special cosmetic means, an eutrophy, gymnastics, massage, and still grindings, obertyvanija and baths.
admin June 17 2008 2:58:20 AM
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For the first time in the world the person from the alive person is replaced
In Egypt doctors have lead operation on change of the person. For the first time in the world as the donor has been used trasplantant which was given by mother of the young patient - the alive person.
The managed operation first in history on change of the person has been lead to France per 2005. Then the new person was found by the woman which person has been spoiled by stings of a dog.
In 2006 in China the person has been replaced to the hunter who has undergone to an attack of a bear.
admin June 17 2008 2:55:54 AM For a press
The truth about plastic surgery
Celebrities always and everywhere on a kind and consequently their appearance should be faultless, attributes of an old age and weariness not should be are noticed, their appearance the standard with which take an example. Frequently, when speech comes about plastic surgery this direction of medicine associates first of all with representatives of show business, stars of cinema and TV. Owing to them the aesthetic medicine became such popular.
admin June 17 2008 2:53:11 AM
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You elf?
Admirers Tolkiena, fans World of Warcraft and readers of a fantasy now can vozradovatsja - henceforth elfijskie ears are accessible to all interested persons. It is quite real operation which can be ordered in the Hungarian clinic of plastic surgery Modern Plastic Surgery.
admin May 23 2008 1:58:27 AM
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Ozonoterapija – a simple and easy method in application promoting clarification and updating of an organism. Ozone promotes disposal of slags and toxins, hypostases and bags under eyes, morshchinok and a cellulitis, perfectly heals wounds, improves microblood circulation, makes active ability to live of all bodies and systems of an organism, and also removes a syndrome of chronic weariness and renders obshcheozdorovitelnoe action on an organism
admin May 23 2008 1:09:44 AM
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Students will check on a dope
At schools and universities soon it is necessary to check students before a passing examinations on presence in blood of the preparations promoting active work of a brain, experts approve.
Scientists from Academy of Medical Sciences have informed, that preparations for such diseases as illness Altsgejmera, are used by healthy people for improvement of memory and perception of the information a brain.
admin May 23 2008 0:55:33 AM
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Chewing elastic band in the help to patients
The usual chewing elastic band as it was found out in practice in one of English hospitals, helps to recover more likely after operation on intestines. The nurse who has carried out own research among 67 transferred operation patients insists on its favorable influence on health of patients.
admin May 23 2008 0:06:23 AM
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